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All About TNT

Our Core Group

TNT The New Theater is an addition to Cuenca’s cultural landscape, a theater group devoted to providing satisfying theatrical experiences for their audiences by focusing on excellence in play selection, acting, directing, and production design.  TNT plans on presenting both contemporary and classic works and looks forward to joint productions with the Cuenca theatrical community.

The New Theater thrives on the collective wisdom and diverse talents of its Core Group. Comprised of individuals with years of experience, this cohesive team has joined forces to establish and launch The New Theater with passion and dedication. Each member of the Core Group brings a unique set of skills and expertise to the table that makes up TNT. This talented group ensures that The New Theater operates seamlessly, providing unforgettable experiences for their audiences.

Charlean Born

Actor/Talent Liaison


Gregory Hattaway



Markku Sario


Jackie Sario



Amanda Hattaway

Graphic Design

Wally Kolodinski


Jeanne McCafferty

Marketing Consultant

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